The Press Release: We Announce Plans to Marry

I have been doing this whole marketing and PR gig for almost a decade now, and in that time, have drafted and edited my fair share of press releases — (C has had to listen to me complain about many of them). Everything from executive announcements, to product launches and upgrades, to holiday gift guides, to milestone and award-type corporate releases. It just sort of comes with the territory I guess. If you’re in PR… you better like press releases!

So, being that I AM in the PR field, and C agreed, that why not this time, when we actually have something BIG and exciting to announce, we’d inform you guys the way a true marketing and PR professional would – press release style. And, particularly apropos as I am currently drowning in about 17 releases that have to be written before I head to India next week… Here is the 18th — by far, the BEST press release I’ve had the opportunity to write 🙂

Global Love Story Set to Take Center Stage in 2012
After Meeting Over Four Years Ago at University and Subsequent Years of Long Distance Romance, ThunderCouple Announce Plans to Marry in February 2012

SCOTTSDALE & MUMBAI, (October 25/26, 2011) – On this Diwali Day, a most auspicious occasion, C and L, a true testament to an international love story, are pleased to announce plans to marry in early 2012! The news of their engagement comes several years after first meeting in the Chuckwallas cohort at grad school in Arizona. The “ThunderCouple” persevered through years, cities, states, oceans and continents, heartbreak and setbacks to formally declare their commitment to each other in the form of an official engagement in 2011. The couple plans to marry on February 12th, in a traditional, South-Indian ceremony in Chennai, India.

C came to grad school in 2007 hailing from one of the most culturally-rich, historically-significant, and tradition-oriented places in the world, Southern India. Much to the exact contrast, L came to grad school from one of the most laid-back, open, relatively ‘young’ places in the world, Southern California. The pair was polar opposite from the beginning: a risk-averse brown boy from one of the most conservative cultures in the world, with a risk-taking white girl from the beaches of San Diego; an urban-jungle loving, even-tempered, calm, cool, collected, reasonable man with an outdoorsy, passionate, impulsive, extreme adventure-loving girl.

“This is not a typical love story, nor is this the story I had planned,” says C, recent MBA grad and current supply chain executive with a large pharmaceutical company. “There were no fireworks, no angels playing music when we first laid eyes on each other. I didn’t realize that when I first met her at graduate school that our friendship would develop into a romance and eventually love. But it turns out, that that is exactly what it was – love. And even though this wasn’t the story I had originally planned, I would not change a single moment of the plans that unfolded to bring us to where we are today.”

The polar opposite pair complemented each other, and throughout their grad school tenure, studying and working abroad, and ultimately moving to, and living on opposite points of the globe, their love continued to blossom. Despite every logistical barrier one can think of that threatened to derail their romance – culture, geographic distance, financial, family, immigration – to name a few, their love only grew stronger. The emotional connection continued to propel the pair forward and give them the strength they needed to continue the fight to be together. Even though the road ahead will still hold bumps, turns, dark paths and unknown forks, their love for each other will continue to give the trailblazing couple the courage to forge ahead.

“When I first met him, I could hardly understand a word that came out of his mouth he was talking so fast, and I definitely had no idea how to pronounce his complete name,” said L, recent MBA grad and director of marketing for the fastest growing, award-winning social health company for women. “We were just two people that were not supposed to fall in love, but did. We had everything going against us, just waiting for us to give up – but I think that only fueled our fire even more. C is worth fighting for – he is my best friend, and turned out to be the love of my life.”

With news of their engagement, C and L are charging full-speed into the future! Leaving behind past mistakes, and who they once were to become who they WILL BE – together. Their life will be exciting and vibrant a mix of three cultures, South Indian, Mexican and American subcultures. You can follow along their adventures in love here – their new blog.

A US (more traditional American-style) wedding will likely take place later in 2012. The couple would like to extend an invitation to any and all friends able to travel to Chennai for their February 12, 2012 wedding date.

About C and L

C grew up in a family of four in the heart of South India, in Chennai in Tamil Nadu. He earned a bachelors and masters degree from India, as well as an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and now works in supply chain and operations for a large global pharma company. L grew up an only child in the heart of California – San Diego. An animal, ocean and travel lover, Lauren has two degrees in international business and recently left behind the bureaucracies of corporate America for the fast-paced, demanding and challenging world of startup life. Their lives collided in August of 2007 after meeting at orientation for MBA students in Arizona. Through many adventures, ups and downs, they grew to become best friends and eventually will be spouses. You can keep up with C and L’s adventures in global romance at their blog:

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15 thoughts on “The Press Release: We Announce Plans to Marry

  1. super….congrats…:)…lauren i stay in chennai too…we shuld meet up when you are here… i am very happy for both of you…@charan – vazhthukkal…

  2. LAUREN!!! Congratulations!!!! This is the best love story (including the post before it) ever and I’m so incredibly happy for you both! HUGE smiles for you guys!

  3. Cheers! From one ThunderCouple to another 🙂 Best wishes for many, many happy, globetrotting, culture-melding years!

  4. Congrats to you both, I am so thrilled for you! Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness and adventure together! Will we be able to celebrate together next week in Arizona?!

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