So, pardon our delinquency in updating the blog in a timely manner, but I will take full responsibility for that one. I can quite honestly say, these last two weeks, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off scrambling to cover off on a seemingly never-ending to-do list for work before I left for India. And, I know C has been busy with work and travels as well. But.. no excuses, right?!

So I’m sitting here at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, about ready to hop on an oversold (of course) connecting flight to Newark before heading on a 14hr50min non-stop to Mumbai!!! Woohoo!!!

This trip to India is going to be a busy one! In between site-seeing, of course, we have a lot of shopping and planning to do for our February 2012 wedding! Ahh, it’s so crazy to even type that, and in case you’re wondering – no – it hasn’t it me yet! So, I will go from running around like crazy, to pretty much doing the same, just halfway across the globe 😉 This trip, I will be headed to Chennai to visit C’s parents. Funny, cross-cultural blog posts to come. hehe. We will be shopping for the wedding saree!!

Enough of what we WILL be doing — I am just excited to see C. It’s been since July, and I miss him more every day. So, in just a short 24 hours of travel time, I will be there, with him.

So, we thought, a good idea to kick off this trip to India would be a recap of what happened LAST trip. For all those who have, or want to visit India, please take a look at the below video. I know I have but scratched the surface on everything to see and understand about this incredible country. But, I will give it one thing — amid the chaos and the insanity that pretty much reigns supreme, it is intriguing, it is beautiful, it is bright, it is amazing… it is INDIA.

Here is an excerpt from my last blog entry on India… it attempts to describe what I saw… emphasis on “attempts”

In general, India is loud, dirty, crawling with people and stressful. But, amid the chaos, the country exudes serenity unlike anything I’ve felt before. The juxtaposition of the country – lies in its ability to be assault tourists senses – yet offer them glimpses of beauty, peace, stillness, and sheer awesomeness with hospitality that leaves them yearning to experience more.

Few countries I’ve seen offer visitors such an overwhelming (at times) array of people, languages, foods, dress and cultures and landscapes. The country, enriched with history absorbed the best and worst from its occupiers, immigrants and natives – all of which have emblazoned upon the country something unmistakably elusive – something I have not experienced anywhere else in the world.  It’s a country of over a billion people, with millions of gods, thousands of unique cultures, and one experience that cannot even be overshadowed by the Himalayas to the north.

To understand India completely – would be akin to being indifferent to it. There is no middle ground in India – it’s all extremes… it’s a place of mystery, of beauty, of pandemonium, of tranquility. It’s a place where your wildest dreams are actually reality! It’s quite simply – inconceivably extraordinary.

Enjoy the video.


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