The Proposal

Now that it’s been 357 years since our last update, I guess it’s time to dust off the old blog and get back to it! Where to start, where to start? So much has happened, so many decisions made, and only about 5 weeks until I leave to India for the wedding!! C and I have so much to write, and we have a few exciting updates coming soon… But, for now, and to add a little suspense, (queue the suspense music now), I’ll just start with a few requests I’ve had asking about “the proposal!”

To be quite honest, I am still in shock that C and I have come this far. It’s always been a glimmer of hope in my overly-romantic heart that we would get married and live happily ever after, but over the years, the harsh truth of logistics, jobs and immigration threatened to derail that dream, and even forced me to abandon these fairy-tale notions in favor of practicality and rationality. Reality can be a real pain in the arse sometimes!! However, about the time I had come to terms with the fact that C and I as a couple was just that — a glimmer – that would shine, but never be anything more than a spark in the back of my mind, I got an email that would change the course of BOTH our lives forever.

I won’t recount that story again, but if you need a refresher, you can always refer to our first blog post, here. Basically, with that email, and subsequent conversations we decided we were EVENTUALLY going to get married. Nothing was official yet, but the marriage was something we were going to work towards. In a perfect world, we dreamed of his current company transferring him to a US-based post, where we could live together in the same city for a year or so, both be in our ideals jobs, get a dog (yes, that’s right, a puppy), and then get engaged and eventually married. It’s almost comical to think how naïve we were to think that everything would run so smooth, because that “perfect” scenario stated above eluded us like stimulus check from the US government — it was definitely more of a dream than a reality.  However, circumstances changed and in an effort to actually spend more time together than apart, we had to relinquish that plan and move forward with a different one. Now admittedly, we were a little disappointed that we had to modify the original plans, but then again, who ever lives a perfect life anyway? Life, after all, is what happens when you are busy making plans, correct? So what, that our life would not start off as we had intended, who cares that we had to deviate from the plans — we will have a new adventure, and we will deal with whatever arises – together.

Now, fast-forward to November, my trip to India… I am not going to lie, I knew C was going to propose, I just didn’t know how or when. He had succeeded in keeping me in suspense! And, just a couple days after I landed, C took me on a road-trip in the hills outside of Mumbai to a beautiful resort-town in Aamby Valley. I am pretty sure the resort where we stayed was bigger than most US cities, and it was absolutely beautiful! Sweeping views of the mountains, gorgeous lakeside properties, and bungalows surrounded by flowers and palm trees — it looked like something out of a postcard. It was pretty remarkable to say the least.

C proposed on one-knee with the most meaningful sentiment in which I had to try really hard to hold back the tears. It was amazing… and still feels like it was a dream. There, in the middle of a resort-town in Western India, the love of my life, the guy I have wanted to be with since our days in graduate school — watching his rugby games, studying for finals and throwing back vodka tonics — was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. Surreal. It was the single, most special, best moment of my life to date.

Ok, enough sappy for now, let’s get back to comedy, because as everyone knows, with C and I, nothing is ever easy, there is always some sort of hiccup that causes us to deviate from the plan. And this, our engagement night, was no different. Earlier that day I had fallen sick from a Chinese-food meal. Ugh! So, in attempting to hold back the tears of happiness, I was also trying to hold back something else and not throw up on my new fiancé! I managed to get down a few sips of the Champagne he had so thoughtfully brought for the occasion, but needless to say our celebratory dinner and drinks that night was, hmmm, postponed.

Additionally, all of the hard-work C had put into inconspicuously figuring out my ring size and the style of ring I would like was also put on hold, due to a slight mishap with the ring. *Gasp, shock, cry* — I know all of you ladies are freaking out right about now, right as I was getting into the juicy details of the ring… But, let me first say, I have to give major props to C, because being 9,000 miles away from me, he still figured out my ring size, and not inclined to settle for a regular, standard, ordinary ring, he had mine custom-designed to what he thought I would like. And, it was absolutely perfect, and beautiful. Unfortunately… ring sizes are not universal. In fact, in India, they are double. For example, if you are a size 6 ring finger, you wear a size 12 in India, or a size 7 let’s say, is about a size 14. So… you can imagine the size of the ring… barely fit my pinky! Having asked the jewelers about this ahead of time, they of course, had no idea, so C did the best he could. Needless to say, it took us a couple of times to get the ring sized to proper specifications for my finger.

So, there I was, totally sick and with a ring that didn’t even come close to fitting my finger, but you know what, I was still happy. Happy because I knew that despite ALL the odds and just about every logistical barrier in front of us, that C and I would tackle them head on, face them, conquer them and be together… forever! It didn’t matter that I was sick, it didn’t matter that the ring was completely the wrong size, what mattered was that two opposite people from opposite sides of the world had found our soul mate within each other and that we were officially moving forward with our lives… together.

That’s the story: a third romance, a third comedy, and a third a dream.  It wasn’t the stereotypical proposal with fireworks, moonlight and orchestras — it was better. It wasn’t a proposal that transpired without a hitch — it was more exciting. Sure it wasn’t perfect by other people’s standards — but it was perfect for us, because even despite the snags from the night, we pulled it off in stride!

Now, for the details of the wedding planning and shopping!! Stay tuned…


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