Hey guys,

C here! While L will be writing a blog post soon detailing all that she is going through to prepare herself for the big move, I felt the need to let this blog know what I am going through in all the “chaotic orderliness” and how I am dealing with it.

At a critical juncture here, anxiously awaiting the start of a new chapter, I realize that three weeks from now all my sentences will start with a “we” not an “I” :). It is a transition that I need to gear myself up for.

As you all have read, the last 6 to 7 months have been one hell of a roller coaster. L and I have probably gone through 10 iterations of “the plan” by now — each changing at every turn, complete with brick walls and barriers. We had originally planned to move into the US but the current tough job situations led us to change our plans over and over again. For example, I personally have had no less than 5 job offers at the tip of my fingers that then vanished into thin air due to things like visa status, bad timing, budget cuts, all requiring us to change our game plan over and over again.

Job situations were the least of our worries, trust me! In comes immigration… Since nothing was moving for me on the job front, we decided to move on with our lives, as waiting for things to happen was never the right solution. So we planned to have our wedding scheduled in the US in the beginning of Jan 2012.  We had planned to have a short wedding and then an elaborate one later, and No! I am not talking about the one that we will be having right now. We had almost everything planned when a lightning bolt struck us to check with our immigration lawyer about this before we went through with every thing. Voila! As feared this could not be done due to immigration complications and we CANCELLED our wedding and decided to move it to India. Thank you India Immigration, it is possible for us to do that now without any issues.

People ask me everyday if I have started to get the wedding jitters, but honestly I can’t wait to get married. However, her coming here is challenge not just for her but for me as well to ensure her comfort, coming from a foreign land in to India of all places, full of customs and traditions. My mind is running through hundreds of scenarios of what she might need and what she might find difficult to cope with.

Not to mention, preparing the house for everything she will need as well! I know my friends and I will be sad to lose my bachelor pad, but it’s time to turn the house into a home! Of course, I will be keeping all of the fun stuff like my XBOX (its not a play station L 😉 big difference!) and home theater system – I’m just adding a few things to keep L happy as well. After all, the responsibility is mine to bear! And I am gearing up for the challenge and I can’t wait for her to finally be here! All these complications, distance, immigration, jobs can then take a back seat for a while. As you can see, it is more stressful for us to be away that we do not have time for cold feet and nervous jitters.

In the interim however, it seems like these last couple weeks of the home stretch are taking the longest! Technology is brilliant in terms of connecting peoples’ words within seconds, however its benefits are more than limited in conveying your feelings and emotions – as both L and I are more than experienced at, having faced our fair-share of arguments based on misunderstanding each other’s text messages. I feel the more modern day technology has brought people together the more it has also separated them. Countries and cultures are focused on maintaining their identities and ensuring their survival. If there is anything that we learnt from history is that none of that ever lasts for long. Unfortunately our little love story is wound up on that spider web of country diplomacies and policies on immigration and procedures.

Of course – this decision of her moving to India was not easy and it came with its own complications! But, we hope and pray to all odds that this chapter that we start to write will be a smooth one. L always used to say to me “I wish I could see that light at the end of the tunnel”. Well, we do now… we see a few radiant strokes of day light streaking through the openings. We hope to surface soon…

Hang in there L! We are almost there…


3 thoughts on “Transition

  1. I don’t know what makes you think that things will be smooth sailing from now on. Your history has been nothing but…haha. As long as you guys work it out, it’s all good. I think you’d get bored without drama anyway ;-). Can’t wait to see you soon!!

  2. So happy you guys have moved forward and are following your hearts. This is the thing that I love most about Tbirds…we follow our passions and our hearts. It may not be the road that everyone travels or the road that is easiest to travel….but it is our road! CHEERS!!!! And all the best to the new couple! Feel free to name your first child after me ;-)! Or Meike of course…

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