Multicultural Living

I feel like recently the blog has been too focused around all of the complications that arise when you have a multicultural marriage – namely immigration at the forefront. And, rightly so there are many, many issues swirling over our heads in a vortex-like state, but amidst the chaos, there are some pretty awesome things as well.

For example – traditions! I just love them! It is so much fun to keep up with traditions from your family, as well as start new ones with your own family. And, with multicultural marriages, you get twice the traditions and twice the fun.

C, being from the south of India, brings traditions so old, so steeped in history and just so damn cool that it’s nearly impossible not to get excited about putting them into practice and learning as much as I can about my new culture. I, on the other hand, bring less of a historical-importance spin on tradition, but more of a fun twist on holiday tradition to the mix.

This past week, we got to celebrate two different traditions from both our cultures. Navratri and Halloween! Haha. It’s almost ridiculous to put those two occasions in the same sentence, but it was awesome for me to learn about the historical and cultural implications of the nine-day festival of Navrarti, and, I know it was just as awesome for C to carve his very first jack o’lantern!

Coming up, we have Diwali, Thanksgiving, and my favorite holiday of the year – Christmas! Yes, that’s right, somewhere in Malaysia, I will find a Christmas tree, put it up and decorate with lights and ornaments. I even brought stockings from home.


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