Do The Crazy Thing

CrazyThingI just LOVE the sentiment on this image. In so few words it encapsulates one of life’s greatest feats — NOT taking the easy way out, working your a$$ off to get somewhere, taking risks and not looking back, getting knocked down, but getting right back up, and best of all, in the end, succeeding.

My husband C, and I can relate so much to this because this is precisely our lives! Sure we could have taken the “easy” way out, broken up after grad school (actually, we did, but we didn’t STAY broken up, ha!), and gone about our lives separately 9,000 miles apart. But LOVE and PASSION have funny ways of making you see through all of those perceived difficulties in the road ahead and thinking instead, “I (we) can do this.” Make it work.

We have battled long-distance, cultural, immigration, career, family, friends, financial, basically every SINGLE barrier one can have, we have faced it. Head on… and instead of cowering in the face of fear and uncertainity, said instead, “bring it on.” We CAN be together, we WILL be together, and guess what, we ARE together. It’s not been easy, in fact, I don’t think it ever will be! There will always be another battle to win, whether it be immigration issues or job issues, or again grappling with long-distance issues. But who cares… we will face it together.

We DID the crazy thing… we took the risk that most people said we were absolutely crazy to do. We stayed together, and now I couldn’t imagine my life any other way, crazy but in-love and happy. If you are lost, you can ready our story here. And guess what, it was worth it.

So I’ll end with this: don’t EVER back out of something in life because it scares you, or the risks are too high. That’s no way to go through life – shackled by risk-averse decisions. Life your life the way YOU want, make those tough decisions, and most importantly, don’t give up, EVER. You’ll get there.


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