A Few Days in Singapore

Others might criticize SinSingapore Skylinegapore for being too “sterile,” too strict, or just lacking the raw cultural elements that add so much color to its fellow South East Asian neighbors. I, on the other hand, blatantly disagree. Sure Singapore is different, but what it lacks in size, tradition and culture (comparatively speaking of course), it makes up for in diversity of population, technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and adventure. Some Singaporeans, or even disillusioned tourists might complain that there is not a lot to do besides shop and eat, but c’mon, let’s get real, it’s the same in Kuala Lumpur, but the shopping and eating in Singapore is so much more grand, making its KL neighbor look like a glorified JCPenney and McDonalds! DSC_0021

I defy visitors and tourists alike to not be enamored in some way by this place. Shopping malls which could provide patrons endless hours, nay DAYS of eclectic buying or window-shopping experiences, a public transportation system that could humble any major city, assorted arrays of culinary delights sure to appease anyone from the most picky eater (ahem, myself included) to the most daring of gastronomic adventure seekers, architecture and skyline that is sure to impress even the most concrete jungle-dwelling urbanites, and beautiful and immaculately-maintained tourist attractions that will hardly disappoint. Not to mention, one of my most favorite aspects of the place, and emphasis on active and healthy lifestyles as evideDSC_0018nce with their awesome running club!

We only had a few days in Singapore, as C was there for work, so while he was busy slaving away in the confines of his office, I was fortunate enough to explore the streets as best I could. During our way-too-short stay, here is a list of some of the things we were able to check-off the old itinerary (note, there is still so much more to do, and see, we just ran out of time, and definitely need to go back): DSC_0134

  • Singapore River! I walked the paths along the river for what seemed like miles and miles. Not only was it good exercise, but so many colorful buildings, funky bridges and cool cafes line the river making this walk a cardio-pleaser and photo-opp paradise.
  • Sentosa Island! You could spend a day or two alone cruising around Sentosa. We only had a couple hours, so we power-walked our way up and down catching cool artwork, ocean views, good food and fun activities along the way.
  • Bird’s Eye View! Cables cars from Mt. Faber to Sentosa Island. Not only is this a convenient way to bypass traffic to and frDSC_0061om Sentosa, but my god, the sweeping views are breathtaking.
  • Marina Bay Sands Resort! If the architecture of this place does not take your breath away in and of itself, head to the rooftop garden and grab a drink and check out the Singapore skyline from above. Stay awhile, shop, and relax, but make sure you don’t miss the light and laser show every night. All I can say is… WOW.
  • Clarke Quay! Touted as one of the best nightlife spots in Singapore, this fun area houses cafes, bars, clubs, shops and fine-dining restaurants alike. Not to mention, just a cool people-watching spot! DSC_0031
  • Gardens By The Bay! Been all over the world, and yet to see any place like this. The stunning visual masterpiece alone of this place is enough to captivate visitors for hours.
  • Fort Canning Park: One of Singapore’s most historic sites, it’s lush greenery, cool city views, ancient artifacts and multifarious art provide visitors an awesome history and nature experience. Not to mention, it’s one helluva workout to climb the steps and hills as you tour this area!

So, who’s planning to visit Singapore anytime soon?



4 thoughts on “A Few Days in Singapore

  1. I am glad you love our country – living here with the sky high expenses make us question ourselves sometimes. Your photos are gorgeous and I hope you got to try our local food!!

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for the comment 🙂 I did get a chance to try some of the local cuisine, but not enough. I guess it’s just another excuse to come back. And yes, I did here from some friends there that living is quite expensive!!

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