A Lot to Celebrate: Early Father’s Day

I’ve never been much of the arts and crafts type of person. My creativity lies more in writing than anything physical like cooking, sewing or DIY projects. In fact, as far back as I can remember, the artistic gene seem to elude me, where my fellow classmates seemed to excel at the numerous art projects, I was more frustrated and wanted to get on with different lessons or go outside and continue on with the rather cut-throat school-yard tether-ball competition!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am extremely creative. I have all these grand ideas of cool projects to do, it’s just, I’ve always needed the help of an “artiste” to help execute on them. Not anymore!

AppaOver the years, especially this last year (and almost a half) of marriage, I have been slowly honing my creative skills both in the kitchen and DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. So, when this week rolled around, with so many important milestones on the calendar like Father’s Day week, C’s star birthday (yes, in his culture they use a lunar calendar for such occasions, therefor you get to celebrate twice, one calendar birthday and one lunar calendar birthday), AND reaching the 36-week mark in our pregnancy, meaning we have less than ONE MONTH until baby girl’s arrival.

I wanted to do something extra special for C, especially since throughout this entire pregnancy he’s been nothing but supportive and downright awesome. Cleaning the house, listening to me complain about pretty much everything, running out in the rain and ridiculous heat to get me ice cream and cereal, and basically just being there for me, my rock, whenever I needed him. He’s so selfless, it blows my mind, and will stop at nothing to make sure his girls are taken care of. I know he will make an amazing father. I am so lucky to have him, and our baby girl is going to be even luckier to have him for her “appa.” Husbands take note!

So, what did I do for him? I decided to test my creativity and DIY artistic skills and create a “Daddy Survival Kit” for when the baby comes. The kit contained all of his favorite things from chocolate cookies to coffee, essential toiletries from deodorant to hand sanitizer, some new items just for him like a polo shirt, gym shirt and super-dad coffee mug, and the all-important medicinal supplies of headache tablets to antacids. I packaged the items, and created a cool message for each one explaining my rationale for including in the package. I also put together a cool “Dad” graphic just for him listing out several words describing what he is and means to me. It was a special gift, not extravagant, but from the heart.


So, for moms or moms-to-be, looking for something extra special and a little different to do for your significant other this father’s day, try this cool survival kit to let them know you care. My husband of course, deserves the world for what he has had to put up with over the last 8 months, but I thought I could at least start with this.

Happy Father’s Day!


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