A Fun Malaysia Memento

As if a pink birth certificate in both Bahasa Malay and English isn’t an interesting enough memento of early life in Kuala Lumpur, my little girl now has a feature in the popular expat magazine to add to her list. It’s just a small picture in “Expatriate Lifestyle” magazine, but it’ll be something fun for her to look back on as she’s older.


Also, I am in the process of trying my luck at a DIY map-inspired project I found on Pinterest to include in her room. I am noting this, because I am about the least “crafty” person I know, but once completed I hope this will also be a cool memento for her as well.

I have wonderful, creative ideas, but when it comes to execution, my creative skills go out the window, and I’m like a pre-schooler cutting their paper snowflake in half and coloring WAY outside the lines. Haha. The “map” idea is three-heart-shaped cutouts of San Diego, Chennai and Kuala Lumpur (where her mama is from, where her daddy is from, and where baby is from). Wish me luck, as one, I hardly get two seconds in the day to actually work on the project, and two, once the baby goes down for the night, bed time for her mama usually sounds way too good to pass up!

Hope everyone has a wonderful start to the week!



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