Quality Time in Queensland

(this post is long overdue, apologies)…


There is a saying in Queensland that goes something like this: “beautiful one day, perfect the next.” Boy, they aren’t kidding. We were apparently there during the “perfect” days because I just can’t imagine the place, or the weather, any more perfect than it already appeared. The place had a glow about it – a glow I have seen in only one other city in the world – and that is San Diego. The sun was shining, the skies were perfectly blue and the scenery was breathtaking. Not to mention, the people were helpful and hilarious, and there were roos freely roaming about the resort! Oh, and the produce! OMG, the produce. I was in heaven. Baby A and I would walk to the market every morning and just admire all the FRESH fruits and veggies. They were delish.


Having survived a trip alone back from the US to Malaysia with 6-month old baby A, I felt like 8-hour trip was a walk in the park! This was A’s second big international trip. Not even 7 months, and already 2 corners of the world. What a lucky little girl. She did amazing on the flight, I’ll devote a separate post to helpful hints I’ve gleaned from traveling with A, but this post is reserved just for the event.


My husband had business outside of Brisbane, so A and I tagged along for the journey. It was a special trip because we were celebrating both Valentines Day and our second wedding anniversary. C mostly had to attend to his work, but he was able to sneak a few breaks every now and then to spend some quality time with us. In fact, even amid his busy work schedule, C still had time to arrange a romantic evening complete with beautiful flowers, champagne and macaroons to toast 2 years of marriage. Major points for that!


And of course, no trip to Australia is complete without a visit to see koalas!

IMG_3188 IMG_3185

If I had one complaint about my time in Queensland, it’s that it wasn’t long enough. I wish we could have explored more of the Gold Coast, seen the Great Barrier Reef, and even gone down to Sydney. However, that’s just more of a reason to return one day. So, you hear that Australia – we’ll be back!



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